Looking Modern With Denim And Velvet

Modern mens fashion has alot of it's roots in velvet blazers- typically because these items are fashionable, and can be mixed and match, a lot. Looking modern with denim and velvet is all about pairing your velvet blazers with denim jeans that give you a casual, and really stylish look. Settling for less in fashion is not something that any gentleman should do. And carrying up your look a few style levels higher relies not just on the item worn, but all the colors. Wear a simple blue velvet blazer, with a round hem and pair it with denim jeans such as black or dark grey. On the other hand, for a more professional look, wear a black velvet blazer, with a white dress shirt and neat blue denim jeans. You choice of footwear here is also important. Choosing moderately casual shoes such as loafers or brogues will give you a comfortable, modern, and really effortless look, thats always a good thing. Looking modern in denim and velvet just became effortless, especially if you're wise with the pairing and accessories.